30. 5. 2019

Aliter Technologies at IDET presents Virtual Mast, 2nd Generation B2R and Latest Portfolio Additions

At this year's IDET Fair, Aliter Technologies presents aerial observation solutions.

A key innovation is the VIMA Virtual Mast. It is a replacement for conventional mechanical masts, which are commonly used as carriers of cameras, antennas and radios. Their take-off and landing is fully automatic, the operation is continuous with respect to power from the ground station. VIMA is a highly useful tool for risk interventions in unavailable terrain, traffic monitoring, public events monitoring, and strength forces activities.

At the same time, visitors will be able to see the 2nd generation of high-speed B2R radio and the latest high-performance additions to our portfolio.

Aliter Technologies solutions and products are designed for armed forces, police, civil protection, fire brigades, rescue teams, and other organizations involved in military or civilian crisis management. Aliter Technologies solutions are designed in accordance with NATO and international standards, are flexible, mobile and autonomous.