Aliter Technologies has a new Chief Operating Officer responsible for project implementation, Ján Grujbár

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Slovak-Canadian technology company Aliter Technologies, which is a recognized expert in the field of ICT, software development and special systems and has established itself in strong competition in supplying NATO, other international organizations and multinational suppliers of security and aviation technology, has a new COO (Chief Operating Officer). The COO, Ján Grujbár takes over the responsibility for the implementation of the company's contracts.
Aliter Technologies has a new Chief Operating Officer responsible for project implementation, Ján Grujbár

The position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) was created in the company in order to coordinate and control the quality of the company’s production divisions. “The number of new products, solutions, projects and customers at Aliter Technologies has skyrocketed in recent years, both at home and abroad. The number of employees and competencies in the individual production divisions of the company is growing as well. At this stage, it is necessary to focus on coordinating activities, harmonizing processes and strengthening synergies between them. In this context, we have created the position of COO, where I welcome Ján Grujbár, to whom, in addition to new competencies, some of the company’s CEO competencies will also be transferred,” said Peter Dostál, CEO of Aliter Technologies.

“I decided to take on the challenges of my new position at Aliter Technologies because it is a company that has coded in its DNA to deliver technological innovations and help its clients overcome the challenges of today’s digital world. I like this approach very much, because I believe that if a company wants to survive in today’s world of the digital revolution, it is not enough to have only a strong background and quality management. Today, only those who are best able to respond to constant change will survive,” said Ján Grujbár, the new COO of Aliter Technologies.

After graduating from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Comenius University, Ján Grujbár started as a programmer at Softec, where he worked on the development of an insurance system for the Vienna Insurence Group. He later transferred to Eurotel (today’s Slovak Telekom), from where he joined the UniCredit Group for 10 years. He has held positions at UniCredit Bank, from project manager, head of project department, organization and processes, to director of banking operations and director of IT services. At UniCredit Leasing, he held the position of Director of Global Banking Services. Ján Grujbár subsequently spent another 6 years in banking and in the position of CIO he managed the IT division, first under the banner of Sberbank Slovakia and then in the Regional Card Processing Center for the Raiffeisen group. He thus brings to Aliter Technologies many years of experience from the corporate world and from a number of unique projects.