29. 5. 2020

High school students were tackling the task of being greener in business

Project I AMbitious is the first comprehensive informal education program for high school students in Slovakia.

It was founded by three girls who wanted to give students the chance to find out what challenges they will face in business practice in the future. Aliter Technologies gave two student teams I AMbitious task of linking the ecological activity Go Green to our business activities. The teams were led by mentors from Aliter Technologies employees.

High school students interestingly processed and presented two proposals. The first is the proposal of a green platform called Eco place, within which it will be possible to create your own profile, assign and search for volunteers for ecological projects, set up eco groups, educate or obtain funding for projects, but also report illegal activities related to environmental damage.

The second proposal focused on the education and communication of ecological topics and the preparation of useful instructions on how to be more ecological in personal life. Students presented proposals on topics: solar energy, preparing a bee hotel, how to eat less meat.

The students pleasantly surprised by the level of their knowledge, technical skills, and work enthusiasm. In their own words, they appreciated that they could work with professionals from practice, understood how the processes in the company work, learned how to divide tasks in a team and how to work together. Thanks to the involvement in the project, they had the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of the company. The project brought a new perspective and inspiration to Aliter Technologies on the topic of Go Green, and we will consider if some of the proposals may be incorporated or into practice or within marketing communication.