19. 4. 2022

Internet security is enhanced by a strong password, antivirus and updates, says the expert

You don't have to be IT expert to keep your device secure, you just need to follow the basic rules of Internet safety.

The basis of Internet security is to have a strong password, use an antivirus program and update the system regularly. This is claimed by the cybersecurity expert of Aliter Technologies Daniel Suchý.

Unique passwords

“In the general Internet population, 43 percent of people do not change their password at all or only when they forget it. The convenience of people who recycle passwords or use the same password for multiple accounts, is also a problem. If such an password is obtained by an attacker, several accounts or applications that one uses are at risk,”  Suchý explained. According to him, each password should be unique. It should consist of at least 14 lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and characters.

As Suchý adds, in order for people to have sufficiently secured equipment, they do not have to be IT experts, it is enough if they follow the basic rules of security on the Internet. He also emphasizes the need for enlightenment or education.

Internet security

“To talk about the Internet safety is needed in families as well, for example with children who spend their free time online or with elderly parents who are vulnerable and could run into fraudsters on the Internet,” he said.

People should also be careful when registering for new services. “Every time you sign up for a service and the confirmation email contains your password as you entered it, quickly change your password in all the services where you recycle it. In addition, immediately cancel the account you just created. If service providers do not securely cover such a basic thing as storing login data, I do not want to imagine how they treat the rest of the data you entrusted to them,” the expert warned.

Source: PR

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