5. 3. 2021

Lost password? Change it and add two-factor authentication

We face various hacker attacks on the Internet every day. Leaks of passwords or databases of e-mail addresses are happening on a daily basis; recently, according to several sources, more than 3.2 billion e-mails and passwords have leaked. However, many users downplay this problem and do not solve it, which puts them at risk of cyber-attack, misuse of profiles, digital identity or, in short, leaves the door open for cyber-attackers to their sensitive data. Cyber security experts at Aliter Technologies advise you on how to deal with mass database leaks and what to do if your email address is among them.

“When reports of leaks of millions to billions of e-mail addresses or passwords, every ordinary user usually relies on it not being his own. However, if we find out that our e-mail address or password is in the database of stolen data, the simplest solution is to immediately change the password and add two-factor authentication, which can prevent an attacker from accessing your profiles,” explains Vladimír Palečka, cybersecurity expert Aliter Technologies adds: “However, several users do not want to change their password because they have been using it on multiple accounts for years and modify it only minimally over time. This is a mistake, because for security reasons we should change the password at least once every six months. A strong and unique password is the key to securing your data. However, such a combination of letters, characters and numbers is difficult to remember, which is why many users do not want to change it often. In such cases, we recommend using a password key (application on a PC or mobile phone) and you only need to remember the password for such a key.”

Two-factor authentication is a tool that extends the traditional use of passwords. This means that in addition to the normal password authentication level, you are adding another authentication level. This second factor can be a randomly generated code that will come to your mobile phone via SMS and must be entered when logging in. In addition to the SMS message, it is also possible to use an alternative method via a mobile application designed for this purpose – an example is Google Authentificator, which is available for mobile devices with both Android and iOS operating systems.

You can usually find this type of security in internet banking, shopping, health insurance services or other services that process sensitive data. However, two-factor authentication has already been introduced by social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. “With this type of authentication, it will be difficult for a potential attacker to access your account, even if they know your login information. Only you have a mobile phone with which you are additionally authorized by means of a random code, and only you will know this password again. Without it, it will not be possible to log in,” Palečka explains.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled for most commercial services that we use on a daily basis. This way, you can secure your Gmail account, access your Apple ID or Microsoft account, sign in to social networks, make online payments, or access various other accounts that handle your sensitive information.

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Lost your password? You should change it immediately. Add two-factor verification, experts from Aliter Technologies advise.