12. 12. 2018

Partner of Aliter Technologies successful at British Army testing

The British Army invited leading industrial partners in Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) to provide their test equipment directly to British soldiers.

During the AWE 2018 (Army Warfighting Experiment 2018), 50 products were selected for testing directly on the ground.

Soldiers tested drones and robotic autonomous systems directly in the field for various activities, such as clearing buildings. Tactical micro-robots ReconRobotics® have successfully participated on the testing.

Tactical Micro-Robot Systems provides a capability of tactical ground video and audio reconnaissance to military units, police, special operations forces, and rescue and fire teams. The use of the solution allows protecting the personnel, minimizing collateral damage, and gaining immediate situational awareness within dangerous and hostile environment.

Aliter Technologies is a reseller of ReconRobotic® solution for Slovakia.