Peter Kováč for Forbes: We wil live in clouds

It is only a matter of the next few years when "life in the clouds" will show us that our super-powerful device will become really old.

I often find it amusing when I read a review of a new cell phone and the high performance of the latest processor is highlighted, or I hear colleagues who are ahead in who has a more powerful graphics card in their gaming PC. Today, it may still be important as such, but in the near future, the pursuit of the performance of our own device will be completely lost. The reason is simple – we won’t need it.

We can see the beginning of this trend today. We no longer have MP3s stored at home, nor discs with movies or CDs with games. We are streaming. We consume content from the cloud. We simply play music online, watch movies online every day, and even play games using online gaming services. Want to make a personal website? It can be done in literally minutes and you don’t need any special program or knowledge of servers, domains and complex settings. The cloud will allow you to do that. It processes the data for you, saves it, backs it up and shows you only the result.

And this is not only happening at home, but you have certainly noticed something similar at work. Large server rooms are slowly disappearing from companies, and there are fewer and fewer internal “IT-guys”. Thanks to the cloud and its capabilities, companies have discovered unprecedented efficiency and flexibility. And so a new IT mantra was born: I only pay for what I use. Yes, this is the way of the future. Because it is no longer necessary to buy and upgrade servers when we can rent them and solve everything virtually. We can change their performance or disk capacity – de facto every day – according to the current number of customers, employees, for new projects, or at the end of the less profitable ones. However, we can also scale operating systems, software or system support.

And there is another aspect – social and environmental. The usability of resources in the cloud environment is many times higher than the traditional concept of IT solutions. It is their low usability that is due to the fact that historically, hardware is set aside for specific purposes, and it is not until the advent of cloud virtualization that significantly changes the utilization of IT resources for their economical operation. In my opinion, it is only a matter of the next few years when “life in the clouds” will show us that our super-powerful device will become really old.

During his career, he managed many IT projects in Slovakia and abroad, and thus gained extensive experience in the field of cloud computing, systems integration, SW development, product development, business analysis and consulting. At Aliter Technologies, he has been responsible for managing strategic projects since 2018.

Source: Forbes