19. 11. 2021

CLOUDY: Bring your business to the clouds

What is it like to live in the cloud age? How to connect business with the cloud and what does the cloud offer? That and much more at the CLOUDY conference.

Online Conference CLOUDY: Bring your business to the clouds took place on Friday, November 19th.

The conference featured speakers from the ranks of the largest IT leaders from Aliter Technologies, AWS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, Apption and Tidal Migrations. Topics were focused on the principles, possibilities and experiences of migration and use of public and hybrid cloud services, as well as to address the issue of security in the cloud age.

At the beginning, COO Aliter Technologies Ján Grujbár introduced our company. After him, the director of Strategic Projects Peter Kováč took the floor. David Stenson from Amazon Web Services, Roman Russev from Microsoft also joined us online, and the first part of the conference ended  with Mr. Miroslav Kalinovský from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In the second part of the conference, our cyber security expert Daniel Suchý approached the cloud issue also from a security point of view. Our other live speaker was ICT consultant Daniel Mikulka. The last two lectures belonged to online speakers. David Colebatch and Jason Hurlbut from Tidal Migrations presented first, and the last presentation belonged to our CTO, Tomáš Orieščik, and Brian Joe from Apption.

The media partner of the event was the weekly magazine TREND.

Watch the record from the first presentation: Peter Kováč.
Watch the record from the second presentation: David Stenson.
Watch the record from the third presentation: Roman Russev.
Watch the record from the fourth presentation: Miroslav Kalinovský.
Watch the record from the fifth presentation: Daniel Suchý .
Watch the record from the sixth presentation: Daniel Mikulka.
Watch the record from the seventh presentation: David Colebatch.
Watch the record from the eight presentation: Brian Joe.