12. 7. 2022

Touch IT- Expert: Communication systems may help win the Ukraine war

The largest conflict in Europe since the World War II has revealed that in addition to conventional weapons, communication systems also play a key role, particularly in the state defense capabilities. According to Pavol Gálik, military ICT systems expert, communication systems can act as the decisive factor tipping the balance of victory to one side or the other.

Over one hundred and thirty days of war in Ukraine have significantly changed the European defense landscape while revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the invading Russia as well as Ukraine defending its territory. According to the military ICT systems expert, communication plays one of the key roles in the conflict. “It is evident that at least on the part of the Russian troops, ordinary mobile phones were widely used at the early stages of the war. The use of unencrypted communication allowed the Ukrainian forces to detect the positions and intentions of Russian troops thus enabling effective defense. It is the level of communication systems and automation of command and control of combat units that can be a critical factor that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of units and can fundamentally tilt the scale in favor of the winner,” explains Pavol Gálik, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aliter Technologies.

The importance of communication stems from the rapidly changing situation on the battlefield and the ability to adapt to these conditions at the command level. “It is a well-known military maxim that any prepared military operation plan ceases to be up-to-date practically immediately after the operation is launched. This means that it is fundamentally important to show the ability to immediately adapt to the situation on the battlefield and prove sufficient flexibility, agility, and innovativeness in operational command. All of this is impossible without adequate and, above all, encrypted communication,” adds Pavol Gálik.

Today, communication systems of modern armed forces use mainly digital technologies and information systems with resilient encryption and maximum protection from the means of electronic interference by the enemy, the so-called radio-electronic warfare.

According to the expert, not only it is key that the conflict in Ukraine ends as soon as possible but also for the NATO countries, including Slovakia, to learn their lessons in building their defensive capabilities. “One always needs to prepare for defense against potential aggression already in times of peace. One of the areas concerned is also the development of communication systems that are part of the so-called C4ISR systems: this includes command, control, communication systems, computer processing, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems. Such systems are also vital for Slovakia and its ability of defending itself,” concludes Aliter Technologies’ expert on special ICT systems.


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