VIMA- Virtual Mast

Virtual Mast Real benefits.

VIMA (Virtual Mast) is the next step in the evolution of classic mechanical masts, compared to which it is easily portable and can be rapidly installed and stored. The physical tactical mast is thus replaced by a high-strength drone connected to a power source that flies at a height of up to 100 metres (conventional tactical masts reach approx. 20 m) and can carry the same equipment as a mechanical mast (radio, cameras, thermal vision, etc.).

  • 24/7 operation

  • Ready to take off in just 5 minutes

  • Autonomous take-off and landing

  • Possibility of integrating various devices

VIMA provides support for risky operations (communications in the field, increased radio coverage), battlefield surveillance and command, and control of border areas. However, it can also be used in civilian applications, such as traffic monitoring, tracking the spread of fires or crowd control at events, demonstrations, etc.

Possible VIMA applications


  • Max. height of use: 100 m
  • Max. wind speed: 12 m/s
  • Max. payload: 3 kg 
  • Camera system:
    • 1080p day camera/10x optical zoom
    • thermal night camera 
    • possibility of integrating various types of cameras
  • Radio technology:
    • high-speed data radio
    • possibility of integrating various types of radios
    • possibility of integrating other sensors and devices (amplion, LED lighting and air quality sensor)
  • Commissioning time: up to 10 minutes
  • Weight:
    • air segment: 8 kg
    • ground segment: 40 kg
  • Dimensions when folded:
    • gorund segment: 521 x 521 x 489 mm
    • air segment: 673 x 673 x 641 mm 

Installable equipment


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