Education of young

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Our goal is to pass the information to the young ones.
Vzdelávanie mladých ľudí

High school students

Our experts give lectures at secondary schools all over Slovakia on cyber security, encryption and electronic signatures. We are involved in the IT Academy project, which aims to create an effective model of education and training of young people to contribute to the well-informed society and for the needs of labor market focusing on ICT professions.

Furthermore, since 2020, we have been working with I AMbitious, which helps active high school students grow through a development program. In 2020, Aliter Technologies commissioned two student teams to link Go Green’s environmental activities to the company’s business activities. During the four online workshops, the teams worked under the guidance of mentors from among Aliter Technologies employees and created two proposals.

Also in 2021, the cooperation took the form of four online workshops. The task of the students was to develop a strategy for launching the product on the market, to create a business plan that would include competition analysis, potential customer analysis, or SWOT analysis.

In 2022 the cooperation took the form of four workshops. The task for the two groups of students was to develop a marketing and sales strategy for our spin-off Monse.

This project brought new experiences, skills and knowledge to high school students and it was their first practical experience with solving a demanding task in the product area.

University students

However, we do not only work with high school students We also focused on university students through two lectures on “cloud” and “cybersecurity” in cooperation with Nexteria IT Club. This initiative connects students who are interested in IT world, with professionals from companies.