How to strengthen the company’s cybersecurity so the HO work is safe

When working from home, it is most important that the user can remotely and especially securely access to the company's infrastructure, to internal systems.

When working from home, it is most important that the user can remotely and especially securely access (e.g. via VPN) to the company’s infrastructure, to internal systems. At the time when we were still going to the offices, remote access was used to a much lesser extent and the burden on corporate connectivity was not so high.

The current situation has changed conditions and it has been necessary to solve the optimization of remote access so that it is stable and can handle the onslaught of all connected employees working from home, while maintaining a high level of security. The ideal compromise is to exclude from VPN access the Internet and communication services, which are used mainly in online communication and meetings, such as Teams, Zoom, Webex. These applications are more demanding on line load. This will optimize access to the company’s internal systems via VPN, while maintaining convenient communication during online meetings, as well as a high level of security or whether from the point of view of remote access or the use of communication tools.

The security of e-mail communication should also not be forgotten. Various security tools can be used to effectively detect spam and the phishing that represents potential security risk for the company and employees. We can also eliminate this risk by regular training of employees in the form of online presentations, training or sending regular newsletters on security awareness (Security Awareness Training).

It is also important to ensure the security of all corporate systems so that they are regularly updated, sufficiently secured and use only strong encryption protocols for communication. Keep in mind the security of employees computers working from home to have regular system updates and active anti-virus protection installed.

Paradoxically, the situation during the pandemic accelerated and set the trend for the migration of corporate solutions to the cloud environment, thanks to which the company will gain much greater flexibility of services and also scalability compared to traditional server solutions. A big benefit is the support of various platforms, such as mobile devices, tablets and computers with different operating systems. Cloud services also place great emphasis on security. A good example is multi-factor user authentication or the definition of security policies by an organization on how to access and publish individual services.



Source: Nextech