SILWA – Silent Watcher

Gain insight into every situation

Do airships still have a place in the world today? Of course! The SILWA unmanned airship is the ideal platform for long-term monitoring and exploration. It does not require much energy, can fly over the monitored area for days at a time, and its low noise level makes it ideal for surveillance in densely populated areas.

Silent Watcher


The airship is the ideal tool when solving both civilian and military crisis situations. With a maximum payload of up to 15 kg, it can carry various types of monitoring and tracking devices and perform a wide range of tasks. It automatically tracks targets, reads vehicle license plates and acts as a radio relay point to increase the range of radio communications in the area.

For the pilot on the ground, it offers intuitive control and automatic tracking of the airship's position on the map, as well as more advanced functions for autonomous patrolling or movement along a pre-defined route.

  • Data, voice and video transmission

  • Public events

  • Automated surveillance

It can be used in both military and civilian applications - from monitoring the situation at large public events to guarding state borders.


  • Area surveillance
  • Public events
  • Automated surveillance


  • Length: 13.5 m
  • Filling medium: helium
  • Max. flight height: 1,600 m
  • Max. cruising speed: 45 km/h
  • Max. load: 15 kg
  • Manual and autonomous operation
  • Automatic return
  • Automatic terrain height copying
  • Safe and controlled landing in an emergency situation


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