Enterprise Service Orchestrator

Take control of all your systems with a single program. Enterprise Service Orchestrator (ESO) is an integration platform where you can easily unify system communication, connect all interfaces and gain control over transaction flows.

As the central element of a service-oriented architecture, the integration platform helps you manage, control, audit and carry out the security monitoring of all your systems in one easy-to-understand and accessible place. It will save the work of your company’s IT department and reduce the cost of systems administration.

What will Enterprise Service Orchestrator make easier?

  • One interface masters everything: It provides a single central point for all synchronous and asynchronous communication across all interfaces
  • Security under control: It will make it easier to set and maintain a single security, authentication and authorization policy. In addition to that, it also automatically detects XML defects, unveils SQL injection attempts, audits all operations and outputs and much more
  • Efficiency in the system: It eliminates repetitive data transfer and automates many standard tasks
  • Monitoring and auditing: Track integration flows from multiple applications in one place, correlate logs from all systems and keep accurate records consistent across multiple systems thanks to the auditlog
  • Unified error handling: Create uniform error handling procedures across systems and make it easier to manage crisis situations