Multi-tenant Call Centre - Aliter CC

Would you like to have your own call centre that flexibly adapts to your current requirements? Thanks to the Aliter Contact Centre, this goal will no longer just be a wish. We provide a complete multi-tenant call centre solution that is easily scalable and can handle even the toughest conditions.

This tool will fully cover the needs of a call centre, customer service or automated marketing campaigns. It can handle the actual communication of call centre agents (call, evaluation, etc.), as well as its management through a user-friendly dashboard and IT service management in the form of a Service Desk.

How can you use the Aliter Contact Centre?

  • Customer contact automation: Design and implement your own IVR trees and manage outbound campaigns via a user-friendly dashboard
  • Everything your agents need: Predictive dialling and automatic callback reporting tool built directly into Aliter CC
  • Easy quality control: Online analytics and service level monitoring, call recording for later evaluation
  • Extensive API and Cloud Compatibility: Integrating the call centre with other systems in your company will be easy and fast even across different physical locations