Cloud Service Provisioner

Do you want to grasp the cloud firmly in your hands? It has never been easier. Our solution makes the management of a private or public cloud solution simple and efficient.

Cloud Service Provisioner allows you to effectively manage the cloud by automating tasks, maintaining maximum security or monitoring the use of hardware resources. Thanks to it, you can easily plan capacity according to the load of individual services, distribute it among virtual servers or balance the load on physical disks.

  • Simple resource management

  • Automation of routine tasks

  • Simple reporting

How does Cloud Service Provisioner help you?

  • Simple management and control: User request entry is a user-friendly process, including validation rules for each user and an approval workflow for managers
  • Automatic provisioning: Automate routine tasks and make cloud management easier
  • Security at each level: From setting up firewalls and VPNs to disaster recovery for constant availability in the event of an unexpected outage
  • Monitoring and reporting: Accessible and transparent reports for solution administrators or customers