Fleet Monitoring and Control Unit

Bring efficiency and systematisation to vehicle management.

FMCU (Fleet Monitoring and Control Unit) is a device that will help you monitor and control all the vehicles in your fleet, simplify management, keep costs in check and improve both driver safety and customer satisfaction.

How does FMCU work?

The basis is a compact module that you install directly into the vehicle. It is connected to the electrical circuit of the car and does not require an external power source. After that, it will constantly monitor:

  • vehicle position with the help of GPS,
  • speed,
  • driving time.

All this information is automatically encrypted and sent securely to your system via GPRS - a simple and widely used protocol available wherever a mobile phone signal is available. Besides that, all data is backed up to an SD card directly on the device for eventual inspection.

How can the FMCU help you?

The data that FMCU provides is invaluable for any company with a larger fleet. Thanks to these data, you can:

  • track the location of your vehicles and detect potential risks: accidents, theft of vehicles or deviations from the planned route
  • gain insights into the efficiency of your fleet: combined with consumption and route data, it will help you find more efficient routes, set up recommendations for drivers and find place for improvement
  • service and maintenance: thanks to the accurately mileage, you will always have an overview of which vehicles require regular inspection or servicing
  • simplified management: unified data helps you to have a comprehensive overview of your fleet, make decisions and provide a reliable basis for analysis or further optimisation