Best practices in in the area of system migration into public cloud environment at the autumn conference ITAPA 2019 presented by our expert Peter Kováč from Aliter Technologies

ITAPA Congress is the biggest event in Slovakia dedicated to the IT in Public Administration. This year it took place in Hotel Crowne Plaza in Bratislava during the days 11- 13 November.

This event is a traditional stop for everyone interested in technologies, cyber security, eGovernment, Smart cities, intelligent healthcare or digital transformation.

Peter presented in the discussion panel Cloud in Public Administration with the presentation on Public Cloud Migration – Best Practice. He introduced to the audience what are the main challenges and processes in the area of migration of information systems into the public cloud. Moreover, he presented our experience and practices that will help organizations in effective migration. You can watch his presentation and practical tips from video archive.

The event was attended by more than 500 guests from both private and public sector. Aliter Technologies supported the organization of the event as a silver partner.

Video in Slovak:

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