Cloud Service Provisioner

The Cloud Service Provisioner (CSP) is a tool for private-cloud management with a high added value. It enables the IaaS provider to efficiently manage the requirements of applicants for IaaS and to track the use of HW resources as well. At the same time, it allows the applicant to simply and independently define the complex requests regarding IaaS on his own and, in addition, it takes into account the demanding criteria for the security of the entire solution. The CSP includes monitoring of the provided IaaS and a straightforward reporting of cloud resource usage.

Who Could Benefit from This Product?

The Cloud Service Provisioner (CSP) is a product for customers who want to operate their own private or public cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • User-friendly workflow of request submission with validation rules
  • Approval workflow for the requests
  • Automated provision of infrastructure services
  • Monitoring and reporting of the infrastructure for cloud service subscribers and operators as well
  • Disaster recovery in case of unexpected system failure to ensure constant availability

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